Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's been awhile, no?

Anyway, I promise this post has more substance than solely being a reintroduction to the slacker half of ATOMIC (starting college really can make a gal lazy). Other than watching Freaks and Geeks to no end and thinking about what to blog without actually putting the wheels in motion to achieve anything in that arena, I haven't really been doing much. How have you been? Good, so we're all caught up! Here we go...

Do the winter blues have you down? I know the feeling. It seems like every year, I spend at least two months preceeding the cold weather fretting about the diminishing number of hoodies I own - not to mention all the appropriate shoe-planning I have to end up doing because apparently all I own are flats and high-tops that I would never, ever wear out in the gloomy California slush. And don't even get me started on the fact that I always find myself begrudgingly saying "hasta la vista!" to my summer dresses.

Well this year, I'm dreaming of a lush green Spring and dressing accordingly. Here are a few of this coming season's staples to consider that will make your wardrobe bloom like a flower garden.

At least one graphic tee and lady-like blouse... EACH.
Personally, I never really know what look I'm going for. I dress how I like and seem to not (noticeably) offend anyone, so I can usually go on my merry way. There are times when I like to "dress down" and throw on a graphic tee with jeans and some sneakers or boots, and this 'Lolita' inspired shirt by Dope Couture is number one on my list for Spring for those such ocassions. The v-neck and curve-hugging shape make this tee an A+.

Get it here.
And Kimchi Blue never ceases to amaze with their delicate designs and totally original silhouettes. They have a reputation for being somewhat pricey, but it's quality stuff - trust me.

Get it here.

A killer pair of denim shorts.
I must admit that up until this past winter (when my ache for warm weather started), I was really aprehensive about wearing shorts. Through the years, I've been teased because my legs are about five shades whiter than Casper the ghost. I've embraced it, actually, so this Spring and Summer I'm all about the shorts. And, as a bonus, you can usually find some on the cheap at this point in time. I just recently finagled my way into a pair of Bullheads at my local PacSun for only $7! Just don't let your derriere hang out and we'll be all good, ladies.

The most adorable flats you could ever find.
I've always been oddly attracted to the whole "old man" aspect of oversized cardigans and worn-in loafers, so these shoes are perfect for my inner library skulking nerd.

Get them here.

A structured bag.
Another Kimchi Blue pick! This medium carry-all is perfect for stowing a mini lunch for a walk in the park or discreetly carrying your recently purchased overload of multimedia through the streets.

Get it here.

A thick, gold charm bracelet.
Betsey Johnson always makes good and puts a smile on my face in this respect. Because my eye is drawn more to huge, ornate, tacky jewelry 80% of the time, I appreciate the use of charms and extra links in her work. For this round, though, I've chosen a more subdued design: straight out of her "Tea Party" line, it's a new take on the famous ditsy heart!

Get it here.

So that's it! Wear everything at once, ration your pieces; whatever! Shop well and don't do anything I wouldn't do, which isn't much if you think about it...

- Emily Rose

P.S. Send good vibes Michaela's way! We're all wishing her a great trip to L.A. this New Year's Eve Day. Get us the scoop, girly girl.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mama Drops Finished Holiday '08-'09 Collection

I've been LOVING the few tees that are currently on sale on Karmaloop, but after seeing the look book via Nitrolicious, I have to say the collection is a little too concept-y for me.

The individual pieces alone are awesome, and I don't believe dressing up obviously non-Latina girls as late 80's Echo Park cholas in Mi Vida Loca is supposed to back up your idea. I feel it's a little too stereotypical to be taken seriously. Any how, regardless of my opinion, the collection is chock full of many different and unique tees to choose from, flannel, and jackets, and available on Karmaloop as of now.

ATOMIC FAVORITE: The Santa Coco Tee (Damn straight Coco Chanel is a saint)

Photo Credits: Shot by the amazing Amanda Lopez and Ali of One Hit Wonder.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Married to the Mob : Holiday Collection 2.0!

Yes, that's right ladies. MOB is making it especially difficult to just pick a few items to splurge on yourself during this holiday season.

And while you're Christmas shopping, remember to get a little frugal on your loved ones because after seeing this collection, you'll want to get some deserved presents for yourself. I know I do especially.

ATOMIC Favorites: The OBJF tees, Money Tee in Grey, The revised DILLIGAF tees, and the shiny kiss hoodie in black (the Lord knows anything gold and black is calling MY name).

HUGE ups to Leah and the rest of the MOB team,

Saturday, November 22, 2008

MAC Cosmetics x Hello Kitty Collaboration Rumors Proved True

You heard it here first, Hello Kitty and MAC are teaming up for a larger than life collection for the Winter 2009 season.

MAC has confirmed all rumors, and set a release date of February 12, 2009 for the US.

If you know, like we do, that the collection will be the most saught after since the Fafi collaboration, MAC will have a pre-order list up on their website starting January 7th.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

McQ by Alexander McQueen for Target : Perhaps the Best Collaboration Ever

Oh, myself and Emily are almost too excited to blog about this!

Introducing this Spring '09, McQ by Alexander McQueen for Target's Go! International line. We loved Jovovich Hawk and Richard Chai, but nothing hyped up more than hearing and seeing the previews for the collection a la Nitrolicious.

The collection has an expected March 2009 drop, just in time for my birthday. Nice!


F**k You, Economy : Fashion Houses and Distributors Cut Costs

With this year's economic woes, more than a handful of luxury, as well as common brands, have been feeling under pressure on the financial front. With losses of jobs and cut hours, consumers can no longer afford to shell out a couple hundred, even thousands, on their favorite brands.

Thus, houses of luxurious brands such as Chanel and Christian Louboutin plan to slash prices in hopes their sales with rise steadily as the economy, hopefully, does. Though this may not take immediate effect for this holiday season, keep an eye out for sales after the start of the New Year.

As for our favorite least expensive brands, well, you can see the backlash of the economy to date. Target recently announced its holiday markdown plan for this year, as Atomic favorite, Cultist, has accumulated about six pages worth of discounted clothes 10-40% off. We have seen similar trends from mega street wear distributor, Karmaloop, within the YEAR-every week there is a new discount promo code.

Even though I am writing as if the new prices are a bad thing, I say bring it on and drop them even lower, because it'll definitely take a while for our economy to patch up.

Wishfully thinking,

Sunday, November 9, 2008

And Another One: ME GUSTA Does It Again

Do yourself a big favor if you are reading this and a little bored.
Log onto ME GUSTA's Official imeem profile, and check out the ridiculous new tracks on the newly released, "Remixtape Vol. 2".

Go ahead and cover your mouth in amazement. We did.

ATOMIC PICKS: Remixes of "American Boy" and "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out".


Zodiac With It

This summer I saw a big trend of astrology, based in accessories, home wares, and clothing. Seeing what's new out there this Holiday, I see the trend has definitely carried into the current and upcoming season. Here's a few of my favorite picks in which I stumbled upon over the past few months.

Nike Zodiac Pack: "Capricorn" Blazer
Gorgeous, right? Rumored to drop this December. Also see the "Scorpio" blazer, which photos were newly released last week. Via nitrolicious

Zodiac Charm Necklace, $18, Urban Outfitters
I saw it and I bought it. Not only can you rock your sign, but the necklace has gold and silver hues which both match anything!

Astrological Aromatherapy Soy Candles and Shower Gel, $16-25, satinbox.com .
Soular Therapy, the manufacturers of these cute little treasures, believe that each sign has a specific scent in which soothes and calms the natural mind. Find your sign and see if it does for you what it says it does. Honeysuckle and Peppermint sounds like a wonderful combination to me!

Hopefully you agree with your scent,

MF Elaborates: Par Un

Being out of the blogging world for a few months really led me to read other blogs, magazines, and even look in depth at the people around me. "What are they wearing? Are you serious with that? I could do that!", were all some phrases running through my head at the time. Finally I sit down after a long day at work, with energy strong enough to finally elaborate on the things which have been "grinding me gears". Onward!

Comme Des Garçons x H&M
Are you serious? As my fellow fashion bloggers/journalists gush, rant, and rave over the continuous collections released, I find myself confused. Is it me or are all of the pieces coming out of this collaboration just, well, pieces of crap? Blame it on my zodiac sign Aries or my claim that I am a "Carrie" (referring to Carrie Bradshaw), but I like pieces that POP. I like to see a punch of color somewhere, an undeniable sense of sophistication, or odd color-play. All I've seen are heavy and dark silhouettes since the collaboration started. A little color here and there, but nothing screams to me. I'm ready to see something new. NEXT!

Gabriella from M.I.S.S./Mama Clothing: My Shoes Don't Need a Diet

The title above carries the original post. I can understand where she is coming from. Everyone has their own opinion, and I respect people for that alone. All I can say is that for someone who DOESN'T look good in Nike Dunk Highs, I am grateful there is a team at Nike developing a slimmer model for women. Sneakers, in my opinion, aren't universal. Either you rock them or you don't. You see a slender girl with chunky kicks and a big jacket and she looks cute, plain and simple. Then on the other hand you have girls like me, not the biggest or the most slender girl, feeling awkward and oddly short, in a pair. I secretly wished while purchasing my Dunk-lows, that I could look fly in a pair of highs; I wanted something a little more feminine. None the less, I think if Nike would put their design team to some nose-to-the-grindstone research, their new "slimmer" designs would get more love. My words to any "Sneaker Freaker", or "shoe head", DON'T KNOCK 'EM 'TIL YOU SEE 'EM! Just like we put our definition of womens street wear into our own hands (MOB, HB, and Mama), Nike is trying to do the same. Let's just wait and see before we judge it.

I'll be back for a "Par Deux" as soon as something boggles my mind,

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Atomic's October Re-cap!

A quick list of some thing's we left out this month, all in a short and convenient list!

1. Ever wanted your very own personal shopper? Want no more! Sign up free today at Shop It To Me, the only website that finds you chic trends and your favorite brands, all in YOUR size and up to 40% off!

2. Needing a cute winter coat? Log onto Forever 21's online shop and find a wide assortment of every coat you'll ever need at under $50 each.
That's right, you wont need to spend over $100 to be warm and look good!

3. Can't find enough of Free People at your local Urban Outfitters? A number of individual Free People boutiques have just open in your area! If you're within the Bay Area as we are, the Palo Alto store is now open! Happy shopping!

4. Does voting drain you so much that you'll need caffeine immediate afterward? No problem. Tell your local Starbucks' barista that you participated in our oh-so-important Presidential election this Tuesday, November 4th, and they'll brew you a tall-size coffee on the house.

5. Don't wait until the last minute to holiday shop! Many online stores are having spectacular sales events going on as I type. Don't wait until the last minute for your favorite items to be sold out or no longer available in the sizes you need! Also be sure to check the new holiday hours of your favorite stores as most of them have changed on November 1st.

We hope you hear from you this November,

P.S.: Don't forget to vote this Tuesday, Atomic thanks you!

Friday, October 31, 2008


Here at Atomic, we wish all of our readers a safe and fantastic Halloween! Remember to watch out behind you!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hellz Bellz "Bulletproof Sisters" Delivery II Available Now!

Seeing the first pack from the Hellz Bellz Winter/Holiday 08 collection only furthered my belief that Miss Lawn should have a Nobel Prize in women's streetwear design. At last, she brings us the long awaited second-half. Still keeping with the Punk theme that is most prominent in HB's designs, it gets a little stronger with this side, as does the Womens Rights direction; It's very apparent. One of my most favorite pieces, if I could pick a single one, is the "Stand Up" tee, complete with Distillers-era Brody Dalle attempting to "do it like a man", at a urinal. What humor does the rest of the collection bring? Well, I'd have to say rummaging through the look book and individual pieces via Karmaloop, I laugh for only the fact that I cannot own it all. Other ATOMIC picks include the Diana Ross jean, Golden Bellz jacket, and the Bandit top.

Forever a closet punk,

Other Bitches Just Front: Married to the Mob Drops Winter '08

Over the past year, I have yet to be disappointed with Married to the Mob's swagger. In my opinion, it's getting better and better and kicking everyone's ass, even mine.

On that note, Leah brings upon us this season two new revised pairs of MTTM Denim, the "Lick It" jean, "Cloverfield" packs, "Varsity" packs, scarves and hats, the missed "Lucky Bitch" hoodie, and for the very first time, slapping MOB's coined catchphrase, "Other Bitches Just Front" on a new pack of tees and hoodies.

Cop it soon because you know it's going to be sold out before holiday! Also stay tuned for the Mob x Nike Dunk High about to drop ! You know damn well those are going to faster than the Reebok x Colette collab! The collection is available at MOB Shop and soon to be on Karmaloop.

Applauding, not fronting,


We just wanted to apologize to any of our readers who have been remotely disappointed that we had stopped writing (for an estimated) two-month period. We've been getting our education on, working hard, researching, living, etc.
Just a quick note letting you all know that we are here to stay and are back to bring you all of the anticipated goodies the Fall/Winter season has to offer.

Thanks for your ongoing support,
Michaela Fox & Emily Rose

Friday, September 12, 2008

What the Hellz: Up and Blogging

The amazing Miss Lawn has finally put together What the Hellz, the Hellz Bellz official blog site. As avid bloggers ourselves, we applaud and praise! Get your daily dose of California street wear culture on!

Don't forget to check out HB's Fall '08 Delivery #1 on hellz-bellz.com !

Karmaloop x Miss Behave Pop Up Shop!

Atomic favorite and mega-street wear shop, Karmaloop has paired up with the ever so creative Miss Behave team to give you a heavenly online shop!

With pieces directly from Karmaloop brands, Miss Behave has put together several mouth-watering looks for everyone. More importantly, Dimepiece is in on the action with their hot new crew neck straight out of their Fall '08 collection, available for pre-sale! Get on it before it's gone and check it out here!


Sunday, September 7, 2008

TopShop.com USA is Coming Soon to a Computer Near You!


Shop to your heart's content when TopShop.com USA launches this Tuesday!

Get pumped!
- Emily Rose

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tattoos You Won't Regret: LLROk Does It Right

For quite some time, the little-known accessory brand 'Lady Luck Rules OK!' has been churning out the cutest baubles you could ever hope for. Beginning with a plethora of punk-rock inspired necklaces, bracelets and pins, LLROk has constantly acheived the perfect balance between feminine and edgy. Now, the good folks at LLROk have something completely new and exciting up their sleeves: customized, tattoo-inspired jewelry!


And the piece I'm currently saving my pennies for...

If you'd like, you can order your own at the Lady Luck Rules Ok! website - but be prepared to spend, as each price must be converted to U.S. Dollars. You'll still pay less than you would for a real tattoo, AND you'll probably want to keep it for a lot longer too!

- Emily Rose

Want to model for Obey?

The greatest opportunity imaginable (for some) has been announced: Get your face out there in new Obey duds. You can't go wrong! Here are the specifics, as published by the masters themselves...


Have fun, and let us know if you're loving it too!
- Emily Rose

Friday, September 5, 2008

Making the Workplace a Little More Enjoyable

The greatest electronics retailer out there, Best Buy, now has accessories by Betseyville by Betsey Johnson. Finally you can protect your iPods, phones, and laptops with a case that makes YOU look stylish. And with three new gorgeous laptop cases, I may find myself to buy one before I have my own laptop! Prices are now 20%, and available online and in Best Buy stores nationwide.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

As Much As I...

...do not care for Stussy on the street wear front, I must admit that their new ad campaign for the upcoming Stussy Girls Fall/Winter '08 collection is extraordinary. How hot is that gold sweater? Check It:

Saucy and a little bit bossy.


Every Generation Needs Its Own Soundtrack: Hellz Bellz Drops Fall '08 Collection

The entire month of August, yours truly was been awaiting for the brilliance of our beloved Hellz Bellz, to drop their Fall 2008 collection. Finally the time has come, and we've never been more impressed! Hellz brings back that obvious rough around the edges look, complete with leather and bold colors. In my opinion, everything you need to look bad ass. The collection is a punk rock, new wave, and street hybrid, and is available now. You can view the glory of all that is the look book, here.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Version 2.0 : The Official ME GUSTA Interview

Couldn't find it on our profile?

Click HERE.


Friday, August 22, 2008

Tens by The Hundreds is Back and in Full Effect

After what seemed like a summer-long hiatus, Atomic favorite Tens is back with their Fall/Winter '08 collection!

The collection is chock full of clever tees (some Lichtenstein manipulation which is always loveable), and hoodies featuring Madame Bomb herself and the signature Tens logo. The collection will be available soon via The Hundreds Online Shop, but for now, you can view all of the pieces in the Tens look book.

P.S. The Hundreds and Tens are now available at select Metro Park stores nationwide.
P.S.S. Can we just say the models used were gorgeous?

Sisterly love always,

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Show Some Love for Local Talent

Visit in on ME GUSTA's official blog, here.

Let em' know ATOMIC sent you!


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Care for Your Hair: Atomic Style!

All of us, at some point and time, and even what seems like everyday, have had a bad hair day. With the autumn season underway, with returning to our normal scheduled lives, here at Atomic we know you all want to look your best. So hopefully you all find this blog useful and find out all of the secrets we have hidden in our self proclaimed expert mind!

The most important thing in hair care has to be shampooing and conditioning. Some of you know that your hair can't handle being washed everyday due to over drying, while some of us (like myself), have to wash everyday because it is too oily if we don't. Luckily if you got the bucks, I've discovered a shampoo that help us all; and I've tried almost every big brand out there.
Introducing Kerastase Paris' Bain de Force Shampoo for weakened hair.
Not only does it improve the texture of your hair and control its natural oils, it heals it. So after just a few used your hair will feel dramatically different!

Going with the Kerstase line, I'd have to recommend its conditioning mate: Ciment Anti-Usure Lightweight Conditioner. A little goes a very long way, and your hair doesn't feel heavy or polluted like some conditioners do.
And of course, if you curl,straighten, or blow dry your hair often, chances are it is extremely damaged. After winning Beauty awards from Allure, Vogue, and my own personal experience, Kerastase's Ciment Thermique Heat Activated Reconstruction Milk is the product for you! It protects AND heals your hair at the same time, as well as detangle. Call it a miracle product; I do!

Alas we come to hairspray. Throw your massive Aqua-Net and Suave cans away, and start using a hairspray that doesn't harden you hair to crisp. We all want hold, but some movement, which is why I recommend Redken's Workforce 09.

It smells spectacular and holds your hair neatly in place without it looking and feeling uncomfortable. It also adds a light shine to your hair, and who doesn't want that!
If you need some volume, I've also discovered the dream product for that, that I've been using for years: Guts 10 by Redken. It's a spray mousse, so you can spray it directly at your roots for instant volume. The great thing is that you've still got movement!

Still need something? Shine? Then i've also got the product for you. Bumble and bumble's Bb. Shine Spray.
It adds an instant lustre to dull looking hair, making you look instantly glamourous.

My philosophy that great feeling and looking hair is your best accessory, and greatest weapon if you are a female. Hopefully my product rundown allows you to return to school or work, looking and feeling your best. Those around you will surely notice and envy you!


Monday, August 18, 2008

Cultist : Made Over and Restocked!

After complaining to Emily about it since early this year, Women's street wear distributor Cultist has finally been made over and restocked! All of our favorite brands now have a handful of items available and in stock in more quantities and sizes!

Though some brands like Mama and Nails Did have none or few picks, we're sure with the make over underway that we will see their Fall '08 collections in the store before you know it. What's even more gratifying, is that now Cultist is considered a "secure" site, which is simply detected in the URL itself, starting with https://domainname.com. You can finally feel safe with Cultist and all they have to offer us ladies. Be sure to check out their daily blog which has also been posted!


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Married to the MOB's back, and you other brands are jealous!

First of all, big ups to Leah for releasing the Fall '08 collection before any other womens street wear company. A reason why "Most Official Bitches Reign Supreme"; They live up to it.

The tongue in cheek womens street wear powerhouse is back with looks that we all will love. "MOB Only" jackets, zip hoodies, crewneck sweatshirts, leggings, the long awaited MMTM jeans, and an impressive new collection of tees are available now at Married to the MOB's official website. Looks like the prices have become more reasonable too. If only we could get our hands on a pair of the MTTM x Reebok x Colette freestyles!