Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Care for Your Hair: Atomic Style!

All of us, at some point and time, and even what seems like everyday, have had a bad hair day. With the autumn season underway, with returning to our normal scheduled lives, here at Atomic we know you all want to look your best. So hopefully you all find this blog useful and find out all of the secrets we have hidden in our self proclaimed expert mind!

The most important thing in hair care has to be shampooing and conditioning. Some of you know that your hair can't handle being washed everyday due to over drying, while some of us (like myself), have to wash everyday because it is too oily if we don't. Luckily if you got the bucks, I've discovered a shampoo that help us all; and I've tried almost every big brand out there.
Introducing Kerastase Paris' Bain de Force Shampoo for weakened hair.
Not only does it improve the texture of your hair and control its natural oils, it heals it. So after just a few used your hair will feel dramatically different!

Going with the Kerstase line, I'd have to recommend its conditioning mate: Ciment Anti-Usure Lightweight Conditioner. A little goes a very long way, and your hair doesn't feel heavy or polluted like some conditioners do.
And of course, if you curl,straighten, or blow dry your hair often, chances are it is extremely damaged. After winning Beauty awards from Allure, Vogue, and my own personal experience, Kerastase's Ciment Thermique Heat Activated Reconstruction Milk is the product for you! It protects AND heals your hair at the same time, as well as detangle. Call it a miracle product; I do!

Alas we come to hairspray. Throw your massive Aqua-Net and Suave cans away, and start using a hairspray that doesn't harden you hair to crisp. We all want hold, but some movement, which is why I recommend Redken's Workforce 09.

It smells spectacular and holds your hair neatly in place without it looking and feeling uncomfortable. It also adds a light shine to your hair, and who doesn't want that!
If you need some volume, I've also discovered the dream product for that, that I've been using for years: Guts 10 by Redken. It's a spray mousse, so you can spray it directly at your roots for instant volume. The great thing is that you've still got movement!

Still need something? Shine? Then i've also got the product for you. Bumble and bumble's Bb. Shine Spray.
It adds an instant lustre to dull looking hair, making you look instantly glamourous.

My philosophy that great feeling and looking hair is your best accessory, and greatest weapon if you are a female. Hopefully my product rundown allows you to return to school or work, looking and feeling your best. Those around you will surely notice and envy you!


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