Thursday, August 14, 2008

Forever 21: You Naughty, Naughty Thing!

We all love Forever 21 because of the fact that the nation-wide chain is kind on our wallets and easily accessible - but seriously, what's up with all the knock-offs, guys? If designers were to take action it wouldn't be the first time someone got litigious on their butts, but no one seems to notice - or care. Let's compare, shall we?

New this week to the Forever 21 webstore is a pair of "shiny leggings" that looks obscenely similar to a deisgn that American Apparel originated years ago and has been carrying successfully ever since their creation.
(At left: American Apparel's "OG" shiny legging; At right: Forever 21's new legging)

Of course, F21 is offering their new legwear at a significantly cheaper price, but how much are you willing to pay to support such practices as these? Please ponder your answer over your evening tea and get back to me.

Because of the fact that lamé is now a more popular textile than ever, it's hard to point a finger of blame squarely at Forever 21, but let's try this next example on for size...
(At left: Chloé's original design; At right: Forever 21's effort)

Other than slight tone-changes throughout - as well as a difference in production value - the two shoes shown above are nearly identical.

I am really not out to prove a negative point about Forever 21 with this blog. I would even wager to say that the majority of my basics come from the trendy store. What I am out to prove, however, is that you can never be too careful about what you buy. If you want quality assurance and have money to burn, go higher-end; if you want an alternative on the lower end of the price scale, go Forever 21 and the like.

I guess what I'm wanting to divulge is that if anyone comes after Forever 21, I plead the fifth.
- Emily Rose

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