Saturday, November 22, 2008

MAC Cosmetics x Hello Kitty Collaboration Rumors Proved True

You heard it here first, Hello Kitty and MAC are teaming up for a larger than life collection for the Winter 2009 season.

MAC has confirmed all rumors, and set a release date of February 12, 2009 for the US.

If you know, like we do, that the collection will be the most saught after since the Fafi collaboration, MAC will have a pre-order list up on their website starting January 7th.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

McQ by Alexander McQueen for Target : Perhaps the Best Collaboration Ever

Oh, myself and Emily are almost too excited to blog about this!

Introducing this Spring '09, McQ by Alexander McQueen for Target's Go! International line. We loved Jovovich Hawk and Richard Chai, but nothing hyped up more than hearing and seeing the previews for the collection a la Nitrolicious.

The collection has an expected March 2009 drop, just in time for my birthday. Nice!


F**k You, Economy : Fashion Houses and Distributors Cut Costs

With this year's economic woes, more than a handful of luxury, as well as common brands, have been feeling under pressure on the financial front. With losses of jobs and cut hours, consumers can no longer afford to shell out a couple hundred, even thousands, on their favorite brands.

Thus, houses of luxurious brands such as Chanel and Christian Louboutin plan to slash prices in hopes their sales with rise steadily as the economy, hopefully, does. Though this may not take immediate effect for this holiday season, keep an eye out for sales after the start of the New Year.

As for our favorite least expensive brands, well, you can see the backlash of the economy to date. Target recently announced its holiday markdown plan for this year, as Atomic favorite, Cultist, has accumulated about six pages worth of discounted clothes 10-40% off. We have seen similar trends from mega street wear distributor, Karmaloop, within the YEAR-every week there is a new discount promo code.

Even though I am writing as if the new prices are a bad thing, I say bring it on and drop them even lower, because it'll definitely take a while for our economy to patch up.

Wishfully thinking,

Sunday, November 9, 2008

And Another One: ME GUSTA Does It Again

Do yourself a big favor if you are reading this and a little bored.
Log onto ME GUSTA's Official imeem profile, and check out the ridiculous new tracks on the newly released, "Remixtape Vol. 2".

Go ahead and cover your mouth in amazement. We did.

ATOMIC PICKS: Remixes of "American Boy" and "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out".


Zodiac With It

This summer I saw a big trend of astrology, based in accessories, home wares, and clothing. Seeing what's new out there this Holiday, I see the trend has definitely carried into the current and upcoming season. Here's a few of my favorite picks in which I stumbled upon over the past few months.

Nike Zodiac Pack: "Capricorn" Blazer
Gorgeous, right? Rumored to drop this December. Also see the "Scorpio" blazer, which photos were newly released last week. Via nitrolicious

Zodiac Charm Necklace, $18, Urban Outfitters
I saw it and I bought it. Not only can you rock your sign, but the necklace has gold and silver hues which both match anything!

Astrological Aromatherapy Soy Candles and Shower Gel, $16-25, .
Soular Therapy, the manufacturers of these cute little treasures, believe that each sign has a specific scent in which soothes and calms the natural mind. Find your sign and see if it does for you what it says it does. Honeysuckle and Peppermint sounds like a wonderful combination to me!

Hopefully you agree with your scent,

MF Elaborates: Par Un

Being out of the blogging world for a few months really led me to read other blogs, magazines, and even look in depth at the people around me. "What are they wearing? Are you serious with that? I could do that!", were all some phrases running through my head at the time. Finally I sit down after a long day at work, with energy strong enough to finally elaborate on the things which have been "grinding me gears". Onward!

Comme Des Garçons x H&M
Are you serious? As my fellow fashion bloggers/journalists gush, rant, and rave over the continuous collections released, I find myself confused. Is it me or are all of the pieces coming out of this collaboration just, well, pieces of crap? Blame it on my zodiac sign Aries or my claim that I am a "Carrie" (referring to Carrie Bradshaw), but I like pieces that POP. I like to see a punch of color somewhere, an undeniable sense of sophistication, or odd color-play. All I've seen are heavy and dark silhouettes since the collaboration started. A little color here and there, but nothing screams to me. I'm ready to see something new. NEXT!

Gabriella from M.I.S.S./Mama Clothing: My Shoes Don't Need a Diet

The title above carries the original post. I can understand where she is coming from. Everyone has their own opinion, and I respect people for that alone. All I can say is that for someone who DOESN'T look good in Nike Dunk Highs, I am grateful there is a team at Nike developing a slimmer model for women. Sneakers, in my opinion, aren't universal. Either you rock them or you don't. You see a slender girl with chunky kicks and a big jacket and she looks cute, plain and simple. Then on the other hand you have girls like me, not the biggest or the most slender girl, feeling awkward and oddly short, in a pair. I secretly wished while purchasing my Dunk-lows, that I could look fly in a pair of highs; I wanted something a little more feminine. None the less, I think if Nike would put their design team to some nose-to-the-grindstone research, their new "slimmer" designs would get more love. My words to any "Sneaker Freaker", or "shoe head", DON'T KNOCK 'EM 'TIL YOU SEE 'EM! Just like we put our definition of womens street wear into our own hands (MOB, HB, and Mama), Nike is trying to do the same. Let's just wait and see before we judge it.

I'll be back for a "Par Deux" as soon as something boggles my mind,

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Atomic's October Re-cap!

A quick list of some thing's we left out this month, all in a short and convenient list!

1. Ever wanted your very own personal shopper? Want no more! Sign up free today at Shop It To Me, the only website that finds you chic trends and your favorite brands, all in YOUR size and up to 40% off!

2. Needing a cute winter coat? Log onto Forever 21's online shop and find a wide assortment of every coat you'll ever need at under $50 each.
That's right, you wont need to spend over $100 to be warm and look good!

3. Can't find enough of Free People at your local Urban Outfitters? A number of individual Free People boutiques have just open in your area! If you're within the Bay Area as we are, the Palo Alto store is now open! Happy shopping!

4. Does voting drain you so much that you'll need caffeine immediate afterward? No problem. Tell your local Starbucks' barista that you participated in our oh-so-important Presidential election this Tuesday, November 4th, and they'll brew you a tall-size coffee on the house.

5. Don't wait until the last minute to holiday shop! Many online stores are having spectacular sales events going on as I type. Don't wait until the last minute for your favorite items to be sold out or no longer available in the sizes you need! Also be sure to check the new holiday hours of your favorite stores as most of them have changed on November 1st.

We hope you hear from you this November,

P.S.: Don't forget to vote this Tuesday, Atomic thanks you!