Sunday, November 9, 2008

Zodiac With It

This summer I saw a big trend of astrology, based in accessories, home wares, and clothing. Seeing what's new out there this Holiday, I see the trend has definitely carried into the current and upcoming season. Here's a few of my favorite picks in which I stumbled upon over the past few months.

Nike Zodiac Pack: "Capricorn" Blazer
Gorgeous, right? Rumored to drop this December. Also see the "Scorpio" blazer, which photos were newly released last week. Via nitrolicious

Zodiac Charm Necklace, $18, Urban Outfitters
I saw it and I bought it. Not only can you rock your sign, but the necklace has gold and silver hues which both match anything!

Astrological Aromatherapy Soy Candles and Shower Gel, $16-25, .
Soular Therapy, the manufacturers of these cute little treasures, believe that each sign has a specific scent in which soothes and calms the natural mind. Find your sign and see if it does for you what it says it does. Honeysuckle and Peppermint sounds like a wonderful combination to me!

Hopefully you agree with your scent,

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