Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Designers Get Floral : Pre-Spring 2009

With success of Daisy, Marc Jacobs has based a watch and necklace duo based on its logo. Not only is it perfectly simplistic, but the collection has a burst of color with an unconventional green colorway (not shown).
Final Grade: B+

Marc by Marc Jacobs "Daisy Watch", $175, Shopbop.com.

Juicy Couture is in the same boat, daisy chains and different flowers decorate their jewelry this season. JC brings back cute stud earrings, long costume-style necklaces, and rock-embellished cuffs. It's natural and hippie chic, a trend I'm glad hasn't disappeared. Juicy has also dropped their new Spring '09 bags in pastels, as did Coach, and even Betsey. And as a spring baby, I love the concept. I think this season, though, we'll see more femininity and delicacy rather than headbands and moccasins. Thank God, because I need a relief!
Final Grade: A
Juicy's "Blooming Couture" Charm Bracelet, $178, Nordstrom.com.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

F**k Valentines Day: How to Make the Most of Being Alone

Personally, for the past four years, I've spent my Valentine's Day alone and in despair while my loved ones have said, "Oh it's just a silly little day where immature couples buy hundreds of dollars worth of gifts to compensate for their shallow-stage of love." Well I believe that to some degree, but as someone who represents the single-girl or long-distance lover, we need to be shown that we're loved, too. If there isn't a special enough guy out there to realize that no matter your belief system, we're women and we like frilly romantic things once in a while (i.e., Valentine's Day), then we have to take matters into our own hands. Thankfully, I have a few ideas this year to keep myself, as well as all of us lonesome girls out there, happy.

1. Get Yourself a Little Something
Or not. This Valentine's Day, I was thinking of going out and buying myself this Juicy Couture wallet I've been wanting, as well as some new bras. Nothing is better than some retail therapy, and hey, do it for you because you deserve it. You've worked hard to make everyone happy this holiday season and now it's time to make yourself happy.

2. F**k Your Diet and Your New Years Resolution
Go to Walgreens, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Pinkberry, Sprinkles, or whomever has your sweet tooth, and stock up on indulgent yummies. It's only one day. Remind yourself that, and continue indulging. You can burn off the extra calories tomorrow.

3. Go to Dinner With Your Single Friends
Who said you should stay home today? Call up your single pals and the restaurant of your choice, and schedule a dinner date that will take your mind off the day. Everyone will enjoy it.

4. Don't Feel Sorry For Yourself
Lack of love? That special someone not doing something special? It's okay. With the steps above, it'll take your mind off of the lonliness and wishing. It only wastes time anyway. Look at Valentine's Day as a way to pamper yourself, not someone else. Even though it was the initial reason behind the steps, it doesn't have to be your motive behind doing something nice for yourself. Everyday should be that day. Enjoy it, and don't dwell. If someone wants to show you they really care, they will. And just because it doesn't happen on the "Love Holiday", doesn't mean it's any less special.


Back to the Sixties: VS and Others Offer Retro Themed Swim Wear

...and it's fabulous. Soon after the Semi-Annual Sale madness, Victoria's Secret sent us all their spring swimsuit previews and yours truly is loving it. I'm seeing a lot of tye-dyed and unconventional silhouettes this season. Brands who also incorporated a retro feel to their swim collection include Insight and Kimchi Blue via Urban Outfitters, quoted to be "Marilyn-like".

If you're not the swimsuit kind of gal, don't fret. Atomic suggests wearing tights underneath and doing the Edie Sedgwick.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Second 'Shibuya Mon Amour for Forever 21' Image Released

Though it's not much, we've got another image to spy of the new Shibuya Mon Amour boutique line for Forever 21. Despite the fact that it looks like every piece in this particular image is already for sale through the site (ten fold - it seems quite generic), it has potential.

- Emily Rose

Deal of the Day - Sunday Splurge 1/18

Aside from the real thing, this freakin' sweet 'Perfect Fake' tote is a steal at half it's original price at ATOMIC favorite, ModCloth. For $40, you can have your very own perfect fake; we don't call it a Sunday Splurge for nothing! Purchase it here!

- Emily Rose

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Movies We're Stoked On - Adventureland

It's official - I currently have the sickest crush ever on Martin Starr. What does that mean to you? Probably not much; but to the nearest movie theater, it means I'm going to be one of the butts in their seats on March 27 seeing Adventureland, the story of a recent college graduate who takes a job at a local theme park to fund a much-needed vacation. It co-stars Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig, so you know the plot has to be at least slightly funny.

Adventureland Exclusive!

And if I have to go by myself, so be it. That way, no one will have the urge to smack me square in the face when major swoonage occurs.

- Emily Rose

Johnny Cupcakes Leather Oven Mitt Keychains

Uber-dedicated Johnny Cupcakes fans everywhere are rejoicing at one of his newest offerrings: The Leather Over Mitt Keychain. At the somewhat-steep price of $12.99, you'll have to be seriously in the market for a long-lasting, during keychain or a die-hard J.C. follower to purchase this one. While the design is simple and ingenious, I would rather have the kitschy Crossbones Glow Keychain. Either way, one would have to be a happy camper with their new Cupcakes merch! Purchase one here.

- Emily Rose

Vintage Victoria - Bringing the Romance Back to Lingerie

Now, even though I can rock jeans and a t-shirt on a semi-daily basis with the best of them, I still like to dress girly and look at shiny, pretty, frilly things. If you're like me in that respect, then you'll love the new Vintage Victoria line from Victoria's Secret. While the line is limited at this point, it's assumed that bigger and better things are on the way for the public's consumption. I also am totally appreciating the tasteful and classy photospreads for the products, seeing as though not every woman who shops at VS for bras and undies are raging hussies.

See the current collection here.

- Emily Rose

Deal of the Day - 1/15

Today's deal comes to us via Johnny Cupcakes, offering these crazy cute black gloves with the trademark J.C. stamp of excellence. For just $5.99 (plus shipping, obvs) your hands can be toasty and stylish for the remainder of Winter and the more chilly days of Spring. Purchase them here.

- Emily Rose

Shibuya Mon Amour Boutique Line for Forever 21

Though not much information has surfaced on the line yet, we can only assume it's going to be quite affordable and diamond-in-the-roughish, like a lot of other Forever 21 products prove to be. From the looks of this single promotional piece, it might be something to strike the fancy of fashion-frenzied girls everywhere. Shoot, I'll take the pillow to the girl's left!

- Emily Rose

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Premium Denim vs. Mall Denim: Where Do You Draw The Line?

There are some things I'll hands-down spend my money on: cardigans, boots, records, purses, DVDs, etcetc. There are other things I'm certainly not so wild and crazy about shelling out for, but in a more inexpensive setting are totally necessary, like sneakers and jeans. I'm perfectly happy spending $55 for two pairs of irresistably cute and surprisingly well-fitting Bullhead jeans from PacSun instead of saving multiple paychecks for a single pair of Rock and Republics or True Religions. I don't care as much about having a horseshoe design embroidered on my behind as I do putting gas in my car or having a little extra spending money for a fun night out. I mean, am I crazy?

Sure, when I inevitably get enveloped in Hollywood culture and actually start caring about what everyone thinks, I'll probably cave and spend a small fortune on denim, but right now, that's just not where my priorities are.

So here's where I turn it over to you: How much would you pay for a pair of jeans? What would you spend that $300 on otherwise?

- Emily Rose

Deal of the Day - 1/14

After waiting on line at the DMV for a bit and pretty much stressing the hell out over a million other issues today, I decided to come home and have a little imaginary retail therapy. Because everything totally sucks as far as finances and money goes for everyone these days, I've concluded that bringing our readers a semi-daily deal to brighten their spirits wouldn't be a terrible idea. So starting today, expect a new, cheap staple every so often to enliven your wardrobe and put a smile on your face. Today, we start with an adorable little pair of leopard flats via H&M. An ever-changing bastion of all things chic and affordable, Hennes and Mauritz do it again with these babies.

- Emily Rose

Billabong x Cory Kennedy Swimwear

Apparently, this is not Cory Kennedy's first collaboration with the wave-riding megabrand. According to the company's official blog, Kennedy designed a t-shirt, released in May of 2008, as a piece for Billabong's 'Design for Humanity' project, available through Urban Outfitters (yeah, I know it seems like I only post about UO related business, but that's where I do most of my shopping so deal). This go-round, CK has achieved a great balance of flirty sweetness with a tough-girl attitude that'll put any unwanted beach-scum attention on your B list and keep you looking bodacious as you work on your tan. Bravo, Miss Kennedy! Purchase yours here.

- Emily Rose

Monday, January 5, 2009

Currently Loving...

While I'm pretty much missing school/waiting for it to start again, doing little chores here and there and catching up on my DVD collection, I've stumbled across some things that are proving to put a smile on my face time and time again.

California-inspired T-Shirts
Why? I have no idea, but for some odd reason, I've just been bursting with California pride lately. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that everyone else is loving New York 'til the cows come home. Anyway, there are a few I'm totally drooling over for no legitimate reason other than the fact that they represent something I hold near and dear: being a Californian.

Stirrup Skinny Denim + Leggings
If an adorable outfit of your creation has suffered at the hands of bunchy jean legs or stubborn legging creep-ups, you are not alone. Grab a pair of stirrup "pants" (no longer just for mom jeans!) and let your most chic ensembles live long, happy existences.

C.O. Bigelow Soda Fountain Lip Glosses
I've never claimed to know or care much about make-up (I pretty much leave those matters to Michaela), but since starting my job at Bath and Body Works, I seriously can't get enough of the C.O. Bigelow 'Soda Fountain' lip glosses we sell. I'm not a huge fan of the Hot Fudge Sundae flavor, but I'm definitely all over the Butterscotch Vanilla and Strawberry Sundae glosses. What's even better is that now, they're on sale! Buy one at www.bathandbodyworks.com for about $4 or purchase all three for just $10!

David Bowie
Enough said. The most fierce man around, you kind of just ooze a good vibe when you listen to Bowie.

The New Year
Along with a growing sense of self-control, welcoming 2009 is a biggie for me. It seems almost as though, upon waking up on the first, things were instantly better. It was kind of like that scene in The Wizard of Oz, when the Lollipop Guild sing about the witch being dead. Whether I look back at this post in eleven months with disgust is something no one knows just yet, but here's to hoping things stay peachy.

- Emily Rose