Tuesday, January 20, 2009

F**k Valentines Day: How to Make the Most of Being Alone

Personally, for the past four years, I've spent my Valentine's Day alone and in despair while my loved ones have said, "Oh it's just a silly little day where immature couples buy hundreds of dollars worth of gifts to compensate for their shallow-stage of love." Well I believe that to some degree, but as someone who represents the single-girl or long-distance lover, we need to be shown that we're loved, too. If there isn't a special enough guy out there to realize that no matter your belief system, we're women and we like frilly romantic things once in a while (i.e., Valentine's Day), then we have to take matters into our own hands. Thankfully, I have a few ideas this year to keep myself, as well as all of us lonesome girls out there, happy.

1. Get Yourself a Little Something
Or not. This Valentine's Day, I was thinking of going out and buying myself this Juicy Couture wallet I've been wanting, as well as some new bras. Nothing is better than some retail therapy, and hey, do it for you because you deserve it. You've worked hard to make everyone happy this holiday season and now it's time to make yourself happy.

2. F**k Your Diet and Your New Years Resolution
Go to Walgreens, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Pinkberry, Sprinkles, or whomever has your sweet tooth, and stock up on indulgent yummies. It's only one day. Remind yourself that, and continue indulging. You can burn off the extra calories tomorrow.

3. Go to Dinner With Your Single Friends
Who said you should stay home today? Call up your single pals and the restaurant of your choice, and schedule a dinner date that will take your mind off the day. Everyone will enjoy it.

4. Don't Feel Sorry For Yourself
Lack of love? That special someone not doing something special? It's okay. With the steps above, it'll take your mind off of the lonliness and wishing. It only wastes time anyway. Look at Valentine's Day as a way to pamper yourself, not someone else. Even though it was the initial reason behind the steps, it doesn't have to be your motive behind doing something nice for yourself. Everyday should be that day. Enjoy it, and don't dwell. If someone wants to show you they really care, they will. And just because it doesn't happen on the "Love Holiday", doesn't mean it's any less special.


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