Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Designers Get Floral : Pre-Spring 2009

With success of Daisy, Marc Jacobs has based a watch and necklace duo based on its logo. Not only is it perfectly simplistic, but the collection has a burst of color with an unconventional green colorway (not shown).
Final Grade: B+

Marc by Marc Jacobs "Daisy Watch", $175, Shopbop.com.

Juicy Couture is in the same boat, daisy chains and different flowers decorate their jewelry this season. JC brings back cute stud earrings, long costume-style necklaces, and rock-embellished cuffs. It's natural and hippie chic, a trend I'm glad hasn't disappeared. Juicy has also dropped their new Spring '09 bags in pastels, as did Coach, and even Betsey. And as a spring baby, I love the concept. I think this season, though, we'll see more femininity and delicacy rather than headbands and moccasins. Thank God, because I need a relief!
Final Grade: A
Juicy's "Blooming Couture" Charm Bracelet, $178, Nordstrom.com.