Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Sidekick Gets a Makeover

We all know that the Sidekick is a staple for all that is instant media; One of the first phones with MMS,T-mail, AIM/Yahoo Messenger/Windows Live programs, and the signature QWERTY keypad. After what it seems like just yesterday, the Sidekick LX is the eldest in the series of T-Mobile's collection.
We welcome The Sidekick™, a newer and improved version with customizable back and side shells, a 2.0 MP camera (with unfortunately no flash, still a steep difference from the LX's 1.3 MP), and the new updated video recorder technology for Sidekicks. The only major difference here is the customizable shells, in which you can literally put anything on your sidekick, even your own photos, at T-Mobile supported The site offers you 360 degree views of what your new Skin will look like, and it's only $14.99 to customize. Also take notice of the slimmer, and sleeker body of the phone, which is most comparable with the late Sidekick Slide by Motorola. The phone is out for purchase at all T-Mobile locations and online, and will be hitting the stores soon, and at a price of only $149.99, I'd say they're going to go fast!


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