Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hellz Bellz "Bulletproof Sisters" Delivery II Available Now!

Seeing the first pack from the Hellz Bellz Winter/Holiday 08 collection only furthered my belief that Miss Lawn should have a Nobel Prize in women's streetwear design. At last, she brings us the long awaited second-half. Still keeping with the Punk theme that is most prominent in HB's designs, it gets a little stronger with this side, as does the Womens Rights direction; It's very apparent. One of my most favorite pieces, if I could pick a single one, is the "Stand Up" tee, complete with Distillers-era Brody Dalle attempting to "do it like a man", at a urinal. What humor does the rest of the collection bring? Well, I'd have to say rummaging through the look book and individual pieces via Karmaloop, I laugh for only the fact that I cannot own it all. Other ATOMIC picks include the Diana Ross jean, Golden Bellz jacket, and the Bandit top.

Forever a closet punk,

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