Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's been awhile, no?

Anyway, I promise this post has more substance than solely being a reintroduction to the slacker half of ATOMIC (starting college really can make a gal lazy). Other than watching Freaks and Geeks to no end and thinking about what to blog without actually putting the wheels in motion to achieve anything in that arena, I haven't really been doing much. How have you been? Good, so we're all caught up! Here we go...

Do the winter blues have you down? I know the feeling. It seems like every year, I spend at least two months preceeding the cold weather fretting about the diminishing number of hoodies I own - not to mention all the appropriate shoe-planning I have to end up doing because apparently all I own are flats and high-tops that I would never, ever wear out in the gloomy California slush. And don't even get me started on the fact that I always find myself begrudgingly saying "hasta la vista!" to my summer dresses.

Well this year, I'm dreaming of a lush green Spring and dressing accordingly. Here are a few of this coming season's staples to consider that will make your wardrobe bloom like a flower garden.

At least one graphic tee and lady-like blouse... EACH.
Personally, I never really know what look I'm going for. I dress how I like and seem to not (noticeably) offend anyone, so I can usually go on my merry way. There are times when I like to "dress down" and throw on a graphic tee with jeans and some sneakers or boots, and this 'Lolita' inspired shirt by Dope Couture is number one on my list for Spring for those such ocassions. The v-neck and curve-hugging shape make this tee an A+.

Get it here.
And Kimchi Blue never ceases to amaze with their delicate designs and totally original silhouettes. They have a reputation for being somewhat pricey, but it's quality stuff - trust me.

Get it here.

A killer pair of denim shorts.
I must admit that up until this past winter (when my ache for warm weather started), I was really aprehensive about wearing shorts. Through the years, I've been teased because my legs are about five shades whiter than Casper the ghost. I've embraced it, actually, so this Spring and Summer I'm all about the shorts. And, as a bonus, you can usually find some on the cheap at this point in time. I just recently finagled my way into a pair of Bullheads at my local PacSun for only $7! Just don't let your derriere hang out and we'll be all good, ladies.

The most adorable flats you could ever find.
I've always been oddly attracted to the whole "old man" aspect of oversized cardigans and worn-in loafers, so these shoes are perfect for my inner library skulking nerd.

Get them here.

A structured bag.
Another Kimchi Blue pick! This medium carry-all is perfect for stowing a mini lunch for a walk in the park or discreetly carrying your recently purchased overload of multimedia through the streets.

Get it here.

A thick, gold charm bracelet.
Betsey Johnson always makes good and puts a smile on my face in this respect. Because my eye is drawn more to huge, ornate, tacky jewelry 80% of the time, I appreciate the use of charms and extra links in her work. For this round, though, I've chosen a more subdued design: straight out of her "Tea Party" line, it's a new take on the famous ditsy heart!

Get it here.

So that's it! Wear everything at once, ration your pieces; whatever! Shop well and don't do anything I wouldn't do, which isn't much if you think about it...

- Emily Rose

P.S. Send good vibes Michaela's way! We're all wishing her a great trip to L.A. this New Year's Eve Day. Get us the scoop, girly girl.

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