Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fred Flare: Crazy Cool or Just Plain Crazy? You Decide!

In the past, the good folks at Fred Flare have provided the public with AMAZING products at affordable prices. Yet recently, a trend has developed regarding new shipments posted to the FF website: For ever five excellent, new items on the front page, there are at least two questionable finds to make a some-what balanced selection to choose from. See for yourself if you agree!

First we have the educational; The Instant French 2-CD Set.

A great buy for any non-skeptics who wish to learn the language of love in less than two months! Emily's Grade: A.

Next, we have the strange-but-adorable; The MeWOW Cat Sunglasses.

With a handy strap that keeps your sunnies close at all times, Fred Flare has the right idea with this awesome, deadstocked product. Emily's Grade: A+.

Finally, we have the just plain weird; The Gold Retainer Necklace.

Not only is the creep-factor of this item extremely high, but at the INSANE price of $300, I wouldn't doubt the removal of this necklace from the website by early next week. Unless you wanted retribution for an excrutiatingly painful retainer experience in your teens, what would drive someone to purchase this? I guess that's just one of those questions that will never be answered. Emily's Grade: D-.

Well, that's it for this blog. I love Fred Flare dearly but, like all companies, sometimes their judgement is questionable... although it might say something about me that I would totally buy these for my significant other:

- Emily Rose

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