Thursday, July 10, 2008

American Apparel's Viva Radio x Johnny Makeup

In case you haven't met him, Johnny Makeup is the heir to the American Apparel franchise, singer/style icon/and friend to the stars (and now to our personal friends), and now has his own radio show via American Apparel, Viva Radio, which we LOVE. Onward!

He's teamed up with his daddy to create a limited edition Johnny Makeup x Viva Radio poly-cotton short sleeve crew to commemorate his success with the radio show, and for everything else he's been up to lately, it has been quite a lot.
People may say his V.I.P. Party Boy days are over and question his importance and association with Gravy Train (another Atomic favorite), but we've always had mad love for him and all that he does. In a way he's an icon to us, he has staying power and we hope to see more from him soon.

Be sure to check out the logo Viva Radio tee available at the one and only American Apparel.
Also be sure to check out the Viva Radio page, playing everything from disco-house to electronic, DJ mixes to indie!


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