Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Chanel Autumn/Winter '08-'09

I sincerely believe that no one at the Chanel house can do wrong, and Karl Lagerfeld has shown us this since '83. Looks like this season's looks are based heavily upon futuristic themes, as well as a feminine medieval-armor type look, and I'm loving it. Colors from Chanel this season include: titanium, dark grey, silver, (yes many grey and metal hues), pink, and going back to the original colors that make Chanel, black and white.
Slim fitting tweed suits are also back, as well as slim fitted dresses cinched at the waist. We're looking at a more voluminous ensemble on top and bottom, and accentuating the waist. A tube top look with signature white trousers was even seen, something very different, but simplistic and chic for the autumn season, which looked like it was a left over piece from the Cruise collection.
Props used were frames around the model's faces (genius), and rosettes in the couture collection.

Final Grade: A+

(How can Chanel score any lower?)

-Michaela Fox

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