Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Everyone's Perfect Accessory: Sunglasses

It only being a month and a half away from the summer season, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to bring you some advice in serious sunglass shopping. Have you ever walked around the city or even driven by in your car, seeing someone with sunglasses that completely ruin their outfit? Well, we have.
We're bringing you the rules of sunglass shopping and where to buy them. In time, you'll see that a perfect pair (or two) of shades could be the only accessory you'll need to be looking fly.

Rule #1: Your Face Shape
Oval-shaped faces should wear large squared frames or large circular frames, it balances out your features and compliments the face shape very well.
Round-shaped faces can wear almost any style, but beware of that generic rectangle-shaped frames that are still being sold in stores!
Square-shaped faces look great in circular framed glasses, can can almost pull off any shape.
Heart-shaped faces look great in bigger square shaped frames, or bigger circular shaped ones. The trick is to balance out the narrowing of the chin in something that "pops" if you will. Sometimes, if you can pull it off, you get that bubble eye/alien effect, that can be very flattering. Thank you Nicole Richie, who is one example of this working to your advantage!

Rule #2: Faux Pas and how to avoid them
It may not even be about your individual face shape! Since there can be fashion faux pas, there can definitely be sunglass faux pas. We've all bought cheaply made glasses that break. The truth is that you don't have to spend a lot to get great quality sunglasses, the trick is it take your time looking around! Even though wearing a specific designer's sunglasses seems like a dream, it's not always flattering to see a huge logo on the side of their head that is shouting, "LOOK AT ME!".
There are other places that you can find the same amount of luxury for a whole lot less.

Rule #3: Where to buy & how to buy
Last season, the Ray Ban wayfarer came back. The only problem is that you see everyone with the same colors! You can break the habit by simply thrift shopping (and, no, not those hot spots that are so expensive). The Claw Money online shop offers many vintage wayfarer styles, including my favorite i've seen to date.

Vintage Purple Marbled Mosaic Ray-Ban Wayfarer, $200, at Claw Money.

You can even find your perfect round-frames, rare and vintage, from American Apparel.

Vigneri Sunglasses, $75.

And for those of us who don't want to spend the cash for some rare shades, we always have Urban Outfitters behind us, with prices ranging from $10-$20 for some stylish shades.
A favorite of mine are the flat-top aviators that they offer, because the flatter any face shape!

Flat Top Aviator sunglasses, $16, at any UO location.

Remember to take the time, and look out everywhere you go for sunglasses, sometimes when you least expect to, the perfect pair comes to you! Hope to see everyone out soon with their "perfect pair"!

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